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Antimicrobial surface coating to prevent the spread of novel corona virus(COVID-19) through touch


NANOVA HYGIENE+TM Multi-Surface Self Protecting Nano-Coating is a water-borne thin film coating to keep the surfaces free from microbes.


FABCARE AV is a specially designed, waterborne anti-microbial single component water repellent stain proof nano-coating for fabric, textile, and leather.


DÉCOR HYGIENE+ is specially designed, waterborne anti-microbial hygiene paint for architectural interior walls.

About Us

Nano Safe Innovations is a technology-driven company and distributor of functional smart coatings, based on latest cutting-edge technologies like nanotechnology. Nano-Safe-Innovations’ core strength is to design, and deliver customized well engineered materials based on chemical nanotechnology to provide multifunctional properties to coatings and allied materials.

Commitment to Health 

Our years of experience in working with leading experts has refined our focus on building products to market the help us improve health and improve lifes.


Unique Features of Our Products

Our Range of Nano charged products allows us to cover a variety of uses. However, they all have high-quality standards our clients come to expect.


Our Nano particles eradicate the small microbes, and smaller viruses, achieving the primary result of a cleaner, safer environment

Easy to Apply

Our products are designed to be applied as easily as possible, from large buckets of paint that works with ordinary painting tools, to sprays that can be used in any setting.

Fast Acting

Once the paint or spray dries, the coating is already working for you, This is usually within a few hours, and usually even less.


Our Approach to Innovation

Our approach is to innovate in long term protection that is cost effective and efficient. The materials we use are designed to work in the background, improving existing infrastructure. 

For this reason, our products are well in demand across a range of industries and geographies. 

From Office To Home

Equally effective in large office spaces to smaller home spaces, our paints and sprays work in the background for you.

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No more daily disinfection

Get long term surface protection coat with our antimicrobial system and solutions.